New Life Community Project of Thomazeau, Haiti, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as NLCP of Thomazeau, Haiti, Inc.) a registered, non-profit 501-C3 agency, proposes to enhance the quality of life for residents of Thomazeau, Haiti.  A total of seven program components— including the provision of clean drinking water, orphanage, health care, spiritual, educational and economic supports—form the core of this proposal. These services will be provided either directly by the management and staff of NLCP of Thomazeau, Inc. or in collaboration with designated local agencies in Thomazeau.

NLCP of Thomazeau, Inc., was founded by Rev. Martha Florestal, a Haitian born individual, who still maintains strong ties with family and friends in Thomazeau.  An ordained minister within the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. Florestal has earned two masters degrees: a Masters of Divinity from Gordon Theological Conwell Seminary, and a Masters of Social Work from Simmons College. Her resume which provides additional information regarding her education, expertise and experiences is attached.  A dedicated, hardworking individual, along with the Board of Directors of New Life of Thomazeau, Inc. will perform the required oversight, outreach and collaborative efforts to ensure the accomplishment of the proposed goals and objectives.

The vision for this agency and its associated project has been Rev. Florestal’s desire ever since she left her homeland. In 2009, the vision began to be realized as she embarked on the process of securing the non-profit organization. With the agency officially registered, Rev. Florestal is prepared to move forward to secure funding to implement this Project; one which is designed to address critical needs of this earthquake ravaged community.